Riding Academy

Shredbettys Riding Academy
for Ladies & Juniors

Riding off-road is an incredible amount of fun…. no cops and no speed limit. Whether you’re a total n00b or consider yourself pretty good, this Riding Academy will get rid of bad habits and make you faster and safer and be a better educated rider.

This course is aimed at those who intend to do gain confidence for weekend riding and improve their riding skills, or if you want to race, it is the perfect stepping stone.

Our Academy is based on a building block format, one step at a time. We don’t go to the next riding level until a certain amount of proficiency is shown in the previous riding lesson. Quality off road instruction is taught in a rider friendly environment at the riders pace. Schools are available from absolute Beginners through to Advanced in a  group setting.

Don’t be macho. Starting with baby steps and the correct techniques is the key. CONFIDENCE is everything you need to start.  Whatever level you are at, we will take you to the next.

It’s very important to understand that there are certain techniques required to execute certain moves on a motorcycle i.e. just to do a flat corner requires 12 techniques (where you sit on the bike, where your head should be, where your inside leg should be, where your outside leg should be, where your elbows should be) etc. It is also important to learn that you can’t put the cart before the horse, i.e. You can’t expect to be able to do a pivot turn when you can’t even lift your front wheel off the ground. You have to have the proper techniques.

This country of ours, offers so much opportunity for riding with thousands and thousands km’s of beautiful trails. The more proficient you are at riding, the more places you can go.  Also this is a very physical workout while you are having fun.

What you will learn:
Basic off-road riding skills, tips and techniques
The correct body position on the bike
Throttle and clutch control
Balancing & slow riding to improve skill on your bike in difficult terrain
How to pick up your bike at different angles
Absorbing obstacles with your legs
How to save your arms from arm pump
Looking ahead and flow
Emergency braking on gravel roads
Riding in sand, water, mud and rocks
How to ride ‘whoops’ and ruts and crossing ditches or large holes
Stopping and turning around on hills
Riding up & downhills, including progressing to steeper up hills and down hills
High speed cornering
Wheelies and pivot turns
Drop-offs and ledges
Crossing over large logs
Jumping a dirt bike
Outrides in a wide range of terrain conditions, but in a safe and controlled environment.

Master Classes from the professionals covering:
General bike maintenance
Bike Setup & suspension
What oils & lubricants should you use on your bike and why
Protective gear
Tyre pressure, Mousses, which tyre for which type of terrain
Fitness Training
Bike Maintenance
GPS Traing
Sports Psychology – Mental Fitness
Racing CV
Contract Preparations & Negotiations

I am not a robot

Enduro Training:

We can simulate all of the obstacles you encounter while riding giving you the best possible learning experience!

Whether you are a beginner rider or an experienced racer you can benefit from this class.

Training covers:  Proper use of clutch, Counter balancing, Mini Wheelies, Pivoting, Rock step-ups, Downhill training, Absorbing obstacles with your legs, How to pick the bike up at different angles and GPS training.  We also cover Bike Maintenance.

MX Training:

Learn to ride with a choice of 3 different MX Tracks.

Practice drills to maximize Effective Braking, Cornering, Looking ahead and Flow. Learn proper body position and the skills for Jumps, Whoops, Starts, Looking ahead, Reading Terrain, Mental approach.

We also cover Bike Maintenance, Physical Fitness & Mental Fitness.

Private Lessons:

This is your class, you choose the curriculum. Focus on the areas you need improvement on. We go to specific locations to practice these techniques, in a one on one environment.  We reinforce all the skills needed and focus on specific problem areas you might want to work on.  This is great for breaking bad habits & getting ready for that big event or just upping your game the way the pro’s do.

Weekly Training  (Private & Group):

We create and maintain a personal program of diet, exercise and provide you with weekly training sessions to enhance and empower your racing abilities. We also provide you with assistance on getting and maintaining sponsors, contract negotiations and other aspects so critical to maintaining top performance.  Special Discount available for those who wish to maintain a personal weekly training regimen.

Disclaimer:  Cancellations are unusual, but may occur. Schools can be rescheduled if less than six people sign up for a scheduled class, or if heavy rains prohibit class safety. Otherwise, classes run rain or shine. We will do our best to notify you prior to the school if these conditions apply. School credit will be applied to the next class. Refunds are at the discretion of ShredBettys Management and subject to approval prior to the original event date.