Leatt Fusion 2.0 – The Neck Brace




The Neck Brace built in the protector is CE certified as personal protection and can help against the a number of injury scenarios as well as the five major one’s. Hyper Extension, Posterior Hypertranslation, Hyperflexion, Lateral Hyperflexion and Coupled Axial Loading.

The Body Protection
•The Fusion 2.0 uses Leatt’s 3DF Airfit impact foam to give to give CE certified protection to vital body areas. The 3DF Airfit foam is a lightweight soft protector with viscoelastic properties, providing optimum shock absorption over a wide range of temperatures as well as conforming to your body for maximum comfort.
•The flanks of the Fusion also uses the same 3DF Airfit foam as the chest and back protector, providing extra padding on the sides.
•The shoulders of the fusion can easily be removed. Giving you more mobility.
•The adjustable side straps of the Fusion make getting in and out as well as adjustment as easy as possible

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