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Each box contains 10 x 48g tubes.

It is not always easy to carry a water bottle or mix a sachet of energy drink on route in a training or racing session, specifically in an endurance event. 32Gi™ sought a way of changing the delivery mechanism to ensure a simpler way of providing the energy requirements for an athlete. 32Gi™ Endure Energy Tabs come in a convenient carry tube which contains 10 x 5gram chewable tablets, providing hours of energy.

32Gi™ Endure Energy Tabs are an optimum drip feeding system where an athlete can chew
the energy tabs separate to his water consumption, making it a lot easier to consume in an event.
This also allows the athlete to worry about hydration separately and not have the issue of over or under hydration.

Energy Tab Facts:
•Low GI
•Balanced and Sustainable Energy
•Child Friendly
•Suitable for Diabetics
•Zero Spiking
Delicious Tasting
•Easy to Chew and Swallow
•Easy on the Digestive System
•In Orange, Lime, Peach & Raspberry
•Vegan Suitable no animal derivative

Who Should Use 32Gi Energy Tabs?
32Gi™ Energy Tabs can be used by any athlete that wants to keep his energy requirements separate from hydration. The tablets are basically the 32Gi™ Endurance energy drink pressed into a tablet form to make it convenient for a runner or someone on the go to eat, and take in water separately. The energy tabs are ideally suited to a runner who would not want the inconvenience of carrying a water bottle on route. The Endure tabs make a perfect blood glucose stabilizer so even someone who is in meetings or office bound can chew on them to stay focused and stable, they also make a healthy children’s energy sweet.


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Lime, Orange, Peach, Rasberry


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