Development Series


You’ve got a bike, you’ve done some enduro riding or training courses and you’re all geared up—now what? Well, if your goal with dirt bike riding is to race, then it’s time to bridge that gap and get started.

Our new Development Series (Fun Races) is just what you need to get your adrenaline pumping out on the track and for women and juniors to get more time to ride with or compete against one another.

The classes are broken down by skill level — Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced for both Ladies & Juniors and will be run separately on the day.

You can race more than one class if you feel you need to move up or down a level.

Races are held every 2nd month at Killarney 4×4 Venue and consists of one race and 3 laps per skill level group. Times from each lap determine the overall finish for the day and trophies will be handed out at Prizegiving at the end of the day. Points are accumulated from each race to decide overall winners for the series.  There are also spot prizes on the day at each Fun Race.

On the morning of the fun race, leave plenty of driving time to be sure you get to the track early so you can be sure to arrive in time for registration and practice.  When you get to the track, check the race schedule and find out your practice and race time.

Our events offer overnight camping or accommodation and nearby B&B’s so that riders can get there the night before or two make a weekend of it for ‘out-of-towners’. Preregistration needs to be completed online on our events page before cut off.

Also be sure to read the rules before signing up. You will need the following for our Series:
An MSA Social License. R100 for the year.  Forms on our website. Proof of Medical Aid or you will need to take our MSA Rider Insurance. You need to have a race number on your front number plate and side panels.Proof of Medical Aid to be supplied or you will need MSA Rider Insurance.

Racing Costs

Most fees will be listed on the flyer or Web site for the event, but here are some general fees you should expect to pay for each race.

Preparing Your Bike

You want your bike to be as race-ready as you are, so it’s best to do all the necessary preparation to your bike before you get to the track. Go over this brief checklist before you leave home.

  • Check and/or clean your air filter.
  • Check and/or change the oil and radiator fluid.
  • Check the tire air pressure.
  • Check the brake pads.
  • Adjust and lube the chain.
  • Last, but definitely not least, fill up with petrol!

You will also want to make sure you have all your gear packed and ready to go the night before the race so you’re not running out the door at the last minute.

Race Day Preparation

Here is what you should do to ensure you have the best race day experience possible.

  • Fuel your body: Be sure to stay well hydrated and fuel your body with plenty of good food.
  • Walk the track: The morning of race day, walk the track and make sure you are familiar with it.
  • Watch the start procedure: Watch a few of the other races to see how the start procedure works.
  • Stretch: Be sure to stretch and warm up before your race.

If you are concerned about your readiness for racing, we have riding schools that will teach you about starts, race strategy and riding technique.

Just remember not to put too much pressure on yourself. Racing should be fun. Don’t worry about what position you are in at the finish line, just go to learn and enjoy.

It’s a real rush to start on the line with a bunch of other racers. You’ll love the camaraderie racing offers!